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Did You Know…

  • A full driving day for an auto transport driver averages over 500 miles.
  • Most cross-country trips require the driver to be away from home for 2 -3 weeks.
  • Our late model 10 car carrier trucks when loaded weigh nearly 80,000 lbs and are longer and higher than most any other truck on the road.
  • There are over 47,000 miles of interstate highway in the United States.
  • Your vehicle is usually one of 9 or 10 vehicles that must be picked up and delivered each way.
  • It is a DOT regulation that car carrier drivers are not allowed to transport vehicles with ANY personal belongings inside.
  • Delivery estimates rather than specific times are given because of factors the driver can not control. Some examples include: traffic, weather, time required for other stops, mechanical problems etc.
  • For safety and weight reasons your vehicle may not be transported with more than half a tank of fuel (prefer ¼ or less).
  • If you have an Easy Pass, we recommend you place it in your glove box so it does not activate while in transport.
  • Our company drivers love what they do, and take pride in the safe transport of your vehicle…….just ask them!